Nov 15, 2022Liked by David Thomson

I honestly don't know what to think anymore. When I first joined Twitter, back in the dark ages, it was a fun way to send out little bursts of comedy or questions. Now...I rarely use it and when I do use it, it feels like a chore.

Except, last night, we had an earthquake. One of those long, rolling, slow ones that sent my blood pressure up in anticipatory anxiety. The first thing I did was turn to Twitter where there are a half-dozen good earthquake tracking apps that get good information out reliably and early.

So, every time I'm ready to let Twitter go down in flames, I'm reminded that it actually does do some good. I just wish it could be more like a government run service. I'm ready for a really boring twitter that does nothing but dispense timely information from official channels. I'm hoping that if all this current nonsense leads somewhere it's towards a public bulletin board and less shouting from the town steps.

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Well said, and a great example. I agree completely.

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