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Have you read Neal Stephenson? He has a pair of novels, Snow Crash (1992) and The Diamond Age (1995) that indirectly speak to this post, not least because Snow Crash was one of the first examples of the metaverse being a plot device (it was treated as the logical next step in many dystopian cyberpunk stories). In the second novel (not actually a sequel, but thematically so), education is directly addressed.

One of the protagonists, a young girl, is given a "book" that we might recognize today as a tablet. Through the novel we come to see that the lessons are largely chosen by her and the software re-writes the curriculum on the fly based on her interests and immediate learning needs. Lots of other bits and pieces of detail arise throughout the story - like the book choosing to show video in order to teach the girl how to defend herself and voice actors being hired by the book to bring the educational stories to life - all of which come together to present an eerily prescient vision of what A.I. / Metaverse driven education could look like.

It's fascinating to see how close reality has come to a twenty-five-year-old science-fiction novel; it's illuminating to see ideas of just what this could all be. And both novels are just really good reads, too.

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