Nov 20, 2022Liked by David Thomson

Survey results from Japan (so far informal and piecemeal) seem to support the same results - lots of students would prefer to remain online for at least some classes.

The research I want to see is how students' desire to take an online class vs. a face-to-face one correlates to class size. My suspicion is that there is a sweet-spot of, say, six to ten person classes that work best face-to-face, where students can get both personal and peer attention regarding their work and their progress.

Contrast that with tutoring classes of only one to three students, where a Zoom call often can still feel comfortable and like being around a study table, and lecture-style classes of 40 or more students where it is easy to lose yourself in the crowd, whether that is online or in-person.

As I said, and speaking from my own experience, I predict that the future of in-person classes is small, intimate, and deeply-detailed. For everything else, there's Zoom.

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