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Jan 18, 2022Liked by David Thomson

I just wanted to drop a quick "thank you." I really like this idea; I had done something similar with one of my classes based on Frank Warren's "Half a Million Secrets" TED Talk. (Link: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=ted+talk+half+a+million+secrets+ ) I had gotten them to make Post Secret style postcards that we then discussed in class (with the caveat that they did not have to use a real secret). I think I like the idea of producing advice a little better. But I want to re-mix it a bit because I really enjoyed seeing the creativity that came out of my students' postcards. I'm thinking about black-out poems or dada collages. We'll see. Anyway, thank you for the post. It was thought-provoking in the best ways.

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