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Aug 15, 2021Liked by David Thomson

I worked in public radio way back when; I must have played and heard those essays a thousand times and yet it never occurred to me to write my own. Youth really is wasted on the young.

I completely agree with your philosophy. I had never really framed mine as a "philosophy" before; I teach primarily in an ESL context, which means that anything from this context that I share with my students must be simplified and refined almost to the point of a motto or slogan.

With that in mind, the capsule philosophy I share with my students is this: As your teacher, my goal is not to give you the answers. Instead, I want to show you how to find the answers and how to apply them to your own work.

Too simple? Probably, but it does contain the core of what I do in my classroom and all I can do is work to make sure it's enough.

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