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May 8, 2021Liked by David Thomson

I am not good at keeping a journal, but can attest to its value when done with intention. I recently found some of my own journaling - specifically from the beginning of second semester of law school, during the rest of law school, and for almost two years when my children were very small. The law school journaling was not so insightful (I was young, angry, uninspired, and directionless) though it made clear to me 3 plus decades later how not to journal. Half of the writings are too obscure to understand anything other than a strong underlying emotion. That said, the journaling from when my children were very young (the first two years for one of them and the 3rd and 4th for the other) are priceless. They are short, pithy, and purely descriptive. They had us (my wife and I) laughing, reminiscing, and smiling. So, David, you are right - journal! And be descriptive so that your later self (or others, if you dare) can understand what you were seeing and experiencing.

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