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Thank you for sharing this; it's a beautiful way to remember a friend.


As to what you discussed, if I may be so gauche:

"Remember VHS? Or Laserdisc?"

You might be interested in the work of The Long Now organization. They're a think tank dedicated to finding ways to preserve artifacts and communicate through deep time.

One of the things they discussed, years ago, was trying to design a kind of hybrid, future-proof CD. If I remember right, the eventual solution was to create a disc that was a kind of hybrid record and digital disc. The physical disc would be etched, like a vinyl record, but able to be played back by any number of needles or records. The very first "track" would be instructions on how to read the rest of the disc most effectively.

Anyway. To absent friends and to continuing the conversations they started.

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I love the quote at the end about teaching and learning.

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A beautiful remembrance, David. And what an extraordinary friendship. Thank you for sharing.

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Lovely, very well written tribute.

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